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Global science seeks to protect the rights of authors. Authors hold the complete ownership and copyright on their work published with us.

Article type and Format

Manuscript preparation

The Basic structure of the manuscript includes the following sections:

Ethical Guideline


Authors can submit manuscript as an e-mail attachment to

Article Processing Charges

Global Science Library follows the Open Access Policy of publication, which do not charges the readers to access the content. This allows the readers to view, access, download and distribute the content without any limits, provided the original work is cited, under the term of “Creative Commons Attribution License”. The cost of the maintained of the journal will be recovered from authors for their published articles. We provide fast and affordable publication services.

Global Science library provides author with very low article publications charges. Authors are requested to pay the article publication charge, to support the open access publishing process and to cover the production and archiving expenses.

Withdrawal Policy

Authors are allowed to withdraw the article without any penalty within 48 hours of submission. The withdrawal charges will be applicable after 48 hours of submission (Charges may vary based on the review stage of the article)