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Frontiers in Transplantation

Frontiers in Transplantation

Frontiers in Transplantation is an open access journal aimed at publishing new inventions and advancements in the fields of tissue and organ transplantation. The journal covers various areas including tissue donations, preservation, tissue injury and repair, inflammation, histocompatibility, transplant complications, pharmacology, graft survival, ethical issues.

The journal publishes preliminary reports on experimental or clinical findings, protocols, case reports, reviews, Commentaries, original research articles, registry reports.

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Editor In chief

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Editorial Board

Amandeep Goyal, MD

University of Kansas Medical Center

Bala Bhaskar PM, MD, PhD

Department of Transfusion Medicine
Sparsh Hospitals

Bassem Almalki, PharmD, BCPS

Solid Organ Transplant
Pharmaceutical care services
Prince Sultan Military Medical City
Saudi Arabia

Daniel Seehofer

Department of Visceral, Transplantation, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
University Medical Center Leipzig

Daniele Derudas

Department of Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant Center
A. Businco Cancer Hospital, Cagliari

Daniele Derudas

Department of Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant Center
A. Businco Cancer Hospital

Harry V M Spiers

University of Cambridge

Qiang S. Shi

Chief Scientist Officer
Minnie & Max Voelcker Laboratory

Turun Song

West China Hospital
Sichuan University

Wang Yi

Center for Translational Medicine
Sichuan Academy of Medical Science

Xiaolun Huang, MD, PhD

Professor and Chairman
Department of Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic Surgery & Cell Transplant Center
Sichuan Academy Medical Sciences and Sichuan Province People’s Hospital

Yehuda Raveh, MD

Associate Professor
Division of Solid Organ Transplant
Department of Anesthesiology
University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital

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